Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The next Grand Slutathon Party, May 22nd

As those of you who have previously been to said parties, it is not to be missed. For those yet to be privy to the delights of multiple Mistresses making slaves do deplorable things to each other, you may feast your eyes on the details here:


Thursday, May 08, 2014

New toys & new pervy apparel

My blog is long overdue an update!

This weekend sees the London Fetish Fair in it's relatively new venue of the Renaissance Rooms in Vauxhall. It's one of the best venues the event has had and it's more easily accessible.

Those savvy among you will notice that my site has had a slight aesthetic update. Much to the delight of some of you, I have updated my Apparel page with worn items for you to get your mitts on. See the full details here: http://www.rebekkaraynor.co.uk/apparel.html

My own land based domain has enjoyed an overhaul also, and now has 7ft x 3ft mirrors on two sides of the spanking bench, providing an unparalleled view of your forlorn face as you are subjected to a variety of torments from the rear. Of course, the view goes both ways and you can also be treated to a view of me as your punishment is being dished out. This month should see me receive my long looked forward to suspension unit - 2.4m high, 1.2m deep and 2m wide, plenty of room to see yourself strung up from the aforementioned mirrors. I have quite a lot of new toys since my last update leather sleep sack, cbt items, paddles and new rubber restraints etc.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More eFail (hilariously stupid emails I receive)

Subject: Re: If You Practice or Advocate Cuckoldry

Mistress Rebekka, Please excuse this intrusion. I and wondered if you or someone you know might be interested in something that I have worked on.

If you have any interest in or practice cuckoldry you might find something called a "Cuckold Affirmation" or "Hot-Wife Affirmation" interesting. It is a ceremony and celebration similar to a wedding but with special "vows", "ring exchange" and what I call the "Cuckymoon".

There are many ways to tailor a cuckold affirmation to match a couple's or woman's individual preferences. I have assisted several cuckolding women in customizing the ceremony to suit their individual preferences and lifestyles. Afterward these women reported that there were subtle and beneficial changes in their marriages or relationships as a result of holding the ceremony.

If you want more information just let me know and I will send you a sample ceremony.

If you are not interested in this subject again please excuse this intrusion and discard this message. Thank you.


Hi madam,
I m a college student. I have unable to concentrate on my studies due to my addiction to internet, social network etc. I am looking for a disciplinarian and life coach who can help me with this problem. Hope you will reply me soon. Thank you!



Thursday, October 03, 2013

Last month's cuckolding session, and the next!

Years ago I had never enjoyed the thought of cuckolding sessions, though I had done similar in private. If you are familiar with my modelling work then you will realise that I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist. That, coupled with a love of exquisite torture is a match well met.

The forced bi/cuckolding day with the 23 year old last month went well very indeed. Egos were crushed, body parts violated and of course - Veni, vidi, vici! The first time he was utilised, he joined a slave and I for the last 30 minutes of a two hour session, those first two hours focusing on CP. The final 30 minutes were spent with them giving me visual gratification, almost like jesters performing for the amusement of the court. The second session was a joint forced bi/cuckolding scenario. Because I am a fair Mistress, I decided to punish them both equally, having them bent over the bondage table at either side of me, using my occasional ambidextrousness on their backsides to encourage a rosy glow. Their nipples next each bore the brunt of my will, spinning them up in each others chained nipple clamps and having them attempt not pull on each other as they moved in a circle as a unit, my lash determining their speed. After (a tiny portion of) my sadism was spent, I took my pleasure in the young one. The slave who I found exceedingly unattractive was made to watch as I took what I wanted. Once I reached a conclusion and had recovered, he was permitted to attempt to fumble his clumsy way into whatever it is one would call whatever it was he was doing with his genitals, but took so long that eventually I told him to get out and finish in the loo of a nearby pub. You couldn't make it up.

I am going to have another in the coming weeks, this time with an extremely, overwhelmingly attractive and experienced 33 year old, pierced (of the genital variety) stud. He is totally straight, so will have him all to myself. Again, I found him online and have enjoyed his ministrations many a time both in private and at fetish events. What he does for me physically, you could only dream. It is only natural that your skill levels are inferior, that is, if any woman has ever pitied you enough to let you try. Dates are set for Sunday October 20th and Monday 21st (what a pleasant way to spend my birthday!)

In other good news I have a new toy, in the shape of a Tower of Pain. Here it is in action during a 5 hour bondage session.

Ms Tytania's Slutathon, October 10th

What better way to celebrate the month of Mistress's birthday than an all out, no holes barred strap on soirée? These parties (and the lowly acts of subordination committed only to please the ladies) never fail to amuse me.

You can read all the relevant information here. It will be held in one of the central London venues, dependant on if we go slightly over capacity or are bang on the numbers.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

King Dong's first forced bi session.

I have found the most delightful young man (a tall, slender and succulent 23 year old), willing to do very debauched things during sessions for the sheer fun of it. I found him on Fetlife. In addition to his myriad of other charms, one of the most noteworthy aspects about him is his gargantuan appendage. This beast would blot out the sun, were it not kept caged in his undergarments. I kid ye not.

The role play for the first session he was unleashed in was thus: the client and I had been out on a date and I had taken him home in lieu of some fun and frottage. Naturally in these scenarios with myself, it is fun and frottage of an altogether unexpected nature. I'll leave the detail for your imagination (or eventual realisation) but needless to say that my client was thoroughly used, under my expert direction.